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Tasting Appointment Guidelines

 Be prepared to give the following:

  • The name of the bride and groom
  • A cell phone or home phone number (not a work number)
  • An email address (Important: make sure your email account is setup to accept emails from vendors and doesn’t send emails you want to junk mail)
  • The name and address of your reception venue (you need to book the reception venue or you most likely do not have a definite date)
  • An idea of when you would like to come for a visit (date and time of day)
  • The number of guests at the reception (how many will be eating cake)
  • A tentative decision on whether you want both a wedding and groom’s cake. (Remember, the wedding is for both of you.  The Groom’s cake makes a statement about the groom!)  We also offer Bridal shower, Bachelor, and Bachelorette cakes. Lets us know if we can assist you with one of these.​

Prepare for the appointment

  • Take some time to look at cakes on the internet. Looking at cakes will help you decide what shape cake you like, weather you like traditional or contemporary styles; if you prefer all white or want a spot of color; if you want columns or stacked or both; or if you want a totally different type of cake.  Make sure to bring examples of cakes you like with you to the tasting and be prepared to tell us what it is you like most about them.
  • Think about whether or not you want flowers on your cake. If “yes”, do you want sugar flowers or fresh flowers? Also, whether sugar or fresh, you will need to decide on the flower variety or varieties, and the color or colors.
  • Choose your colors. Even if your cake is all white, it helps us to know who you are. If you have any special fabrics, bring a swatch, or a picture of your dress. We gain inspiration from all of these items.
  • Decide if you want a groom’s cake. If you bring your groom and want to talk about a groom’s cake, tell him in advance what it is. A groom’s cake can be as simple as a sheet cake with a sports logo or it can be more elaborate and say a lot about his personality. A groom’s cake (if it is a simple design) is a good way to meet the number of serving required while reducing the overall cost by reducing the size of the wedding cake.
  • Decide how many servings you want. This usually corresponds to the number of guests at the reception, but can vary depending on whether you are having a seated dinner (where the cake is plated and served) or a dessert bar (where guests pick from a variety of desserts). 
  • Decide if you want the cake to be a certain size, for instance especially tall. Cakes can be made to look larger by using one or more dummy layers at the bottom. (Important: Although dummy layers reduce the number of cake servings so cake is not wasted, dummy layers takes just as long to decorate as real cake layers therefore there is an added charge for them.)
  • Decide on fondant or frosting. Many designs can be done in either fondant or frosting, but if you want a cake that approaches perfection, choose fondant. Some designs do require fondant, for instance if you want the cake to be painted. Fondant will also protect the cake to a limited degree if the wedding is outside. (Note: cakes do not do well in temperatures above 75 degrees.) Remember, fondant is a very thin layer that is applied over two or more layers of frosting so it has little effect on the overall cake experience. Good fondants, like Satin Ice actually taste good.
  • Have a budget in mind. A budget is a guideline for us to keep your appointment on track and help you choose something that is appropriate for you. Most wedding cakes fall between $3.00 and $6.00 per serving, a price similar to buying a piece of cake at a restaurant. So, depending on the design, a cake for 100 guests might be between $300 and $600. Cakes with very complex designs can be significantly more. If the overall price sounds expensive remember the analogy of serving cake to those same guests at a restaurant.
  • Keep in mind your wedding day is a one of the most special days in your life.

Enjoy the appointment

The tasting appointment should be a pleasurable and memorable experience.
Designing the cake should be informative and fun. We will talk through the options and give you ideas that fit with “who you are”. 
By the end of the appointment you should have a pretty good idea of the design for your cake(s) and the price.

What’s next?

If you followed ALL the guidelines above you’ve found a great cake. Make sure it’s part of your wedding by doing the following:

  • Choose your flavor(s). When you’ve found a bakery that makes great cakes don’t hesitate to have multiple flavors in your wedding cake.
  • Give us a deposit; 25% is required to confirm your date. The deposit ensures that your date is reserved for you. 
  • Make sure you have a list of items you may need to bring to us, such as a topper or ribbon, and the date by which we need the items.
  • Make sure we have all your contact information, especially a working email address.


Finally, remember your wedding day is a special day, no matter what - relax and enjoy it!

Allow us to create the cake of your dreams for your perfect wedding or special event. Our cakes require time for planning, baking and decorating, so we suggest placing all your cake orders at least two weeks in advance. Orders can be placed by setting an appointment or via email.

It is our goal to provide you with an enjoyable experience when ordering your cake. Appointments for wedding cake tastings and consultations are highly recommended. Please plan to spend 30 to 60 minutes with us for your appointment. We offer a wide range of cake sizes and pricing levels to meet your budget and serving requirements.